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Welcome to Sharna Moon Books, the official site for "The Dream Crystals of Gandara" and the science fantasy writings of its coauthors Sharon Faiola-Petersen and Charlotte McGary.

Enter the World of Gandara . . .

A distant place in time and space where glow rocks fill the night with captured sunlight and crystals flood the mind with potent dreams.

A planet of gemstone sands and crystalline energies plagued by deadly intrigues and the corrupted powers of nature and man.

A living web of reality where two entangled destinies and one forbidden love could spell ruin or hope for all Gandarans.


Praise for "The Dream Crystals of Gandara"

". . . A fine sci-fi adventure for readers who like to get lost in foreign worlds. . . . The desert setting creates a stunning ambience of desolation and isolation, which increases the intensity of later scenes, when merciless nomads pursue the heroes through the arid wasteland. The story's best characters are shrouded in mystery: The Hitam Movement, which demands equality, . . . is led by the Mal'Hitam, whose identity is initially kept secret; and Aquila Mathias, a monk who has prophetic dreams, later comes to play an important role in the narrative."—Kirkus Reviews

". . . This page-turner is solidly enjoyable. . . . Debut novelists McGary and Faiola-Petersen craft a promising secondary-world fantasy novel to open the Gandaran Trilogy. . . . The feudal society and barren world are well constructed, and the authors make excellent use of tight plotting and side characters."—Publishers Weekly/BookLife

The Story

The desert planet Gandara is a hauntingly beautiful world where the ancient capture of a second sun turned once-rolling seas into crystalline dunes of crimson and gold. Now, after centuries of war and political turmoil, Gandarans are finally enjoying a welcome peace and, for many, the heady prosperity that comes with it.

This idyllic peace is shattered, however, when Gandara's power-hungry ruler discovers how to harnesses the planet's powerful crystal vibrations to control his people through their dreams.

Determined to stop his father's treachery, heir apparent Zanoah joins forces with the wanted leader of a rebel faction only to discover a freedom far more frightening than a manipulated reality. Caught in the chaos is the woman who loves them both.

Unknown to them all, the altering of the crystals has unleashed errant vibrational energies that threaten the entire planet.

On the brink of madness triggered by horrifying prescient visions, Zanoah fights to overcome deadly betrayal, ancient mystical forces, and a forbidden love to save Gandarans from a dangerous entanglement of corrupted natural and metaphysical powers.

"The Dream Crystals of Gandara" is a pulse-racing story melding sci-fi adventure with the hypnotic lyricism of fantasy. Authors Charlotte McGary and Sharon Faiola-Petersen weave elements of quantum physics, sacred geometry, and esoteric spirituality into a multilayered saga that takes an unlikely band of freedom fighters from the twisting caverns of the subterranean Inualans to the ancient cliff-side monastery of mysterious Tahlik monks.

Anyone who craves a page-turner with a deeply moving undercurrent will resonate with this transcendent tale of honor, love, and the unseen web of destiny.

Paperback and eBook editions available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other national and local book sellers.


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