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August 30, 2014

The Long-Lost Intro to The Dream Crystals of Gandara
By Sharon

At one time our book opened with an Introduction that laid out the history preceding the time of G'nar Raxes' reign. An editor reviewing an early manuscript suggested the intro could be confusing to readers and wasn't necessary to the story. Although Charlotte and I didn't particularly agree with the former (we have more faith in the cognitive skills of our readers!), we did agree with the latter. Thus, our own version of Star Wars' famous "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . ." unceremoniously bit the dust. Now, for your reading pleasure, we resurrect the original Introduction to "The Dream Crystals of Gandara." Enjoy! – Sharon


In the distant past, a mid-sized sun in the constellation Argo drew a rogue dwarf star into its orbit and, in doing so, destroyed one of two moons orbiting the sunís lone planet. The planet itself was ravaged beyond recognition.

Yet, against all odds, life continued.

Millennia passed before settlers arrived to colonize this small planet and turn its desert wastelands into a private sanctuary. For several years the settlement thrived until a series of cataclysmic events—some born of nature, others of man—reduced the colony to a desperate remnant simply determined to survive. They called their world Gandara.

After generations of rebuilding, a simpler society evolved with most of the population under the rule of a G'nar and his descendants. Under the direct control of the G'nar was the Royal City of Gandara, while the surrounding territories—Domins—were controlled primarily by powerful Landholders. These L'doms and L'domas were incessantly at war with each other and often with the G'nar.

Tired of the Royal City being used as a pawn or a prize in this warfare, many a G'nar had tried, and failed, to unite the Domins under his rule. In the Year of the G'nar 1123, G'nar Raxes succeeded where his predecessors had failed. The story of "The Dream Crystals of Gandara" begins in the thirtieth year of his reign.

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